Small Business Solution (SBS)
In this day and age every business needs to have control of its Clients. Up to date information about address details, market sectors, Clients, Contact details and a history of dealings (emails, quotes, orders, etc.) needs to be available to everyone from a central place so that duplication of effort and errors are minimised.

With more and more businesses establishing a presence on the Internet, those who don’t are already at a disadvantage. If you don’t have a presence whereby you can showcase your products and receive interactive enquiries and feedback, then you are liable to lose out to comparable businesses who do.

Enter SBS – for the small to medium business which offers the solution to all of the above and a lot more….

Features of SBS

Your own web site which comprises the following

o A home page customised to your requirements
o An “About us” page with a history of the company and any other relevant information
o A “Contact details” page with necessary contacts and the means of getting to them
o Product pages with top level menus right down to individual product pages with pictures and specifications. These are user maintainable.
o An online enquiry form which, with one mouse click from the back-end CRM system, can add a new Client to your Client database.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

o Keep a record of your Clients and Contacts with all other relevant information – available for quick searching using the integrated search engine.
o Send quotes to Clients based on your latest product information and include the specifications and pictures directly off the web site if you want to. All quotes are filed under the respective clients.
o Send emails (either individual or bulk) to Contacts based on address information within the system. Email history is kept by Client/Contact in the database and doesn’t use up space in your personal mail. This history is available for everyone to see.
o Create Tasks related to Contacts and view them as a list or in an easy to comprehend Calendar view. “Threads” are created for related Tasks so that the whole process may be viewed at a glance. Tasks may be viewed for specific individuals or, by management, for the company as a whole. Automatic mail reminders may be sent to the responsible person for tasks due the next day and/or for tasks which are overdue.

Order management

o Create orders for products, automatically price them, send out order confirmation by fax, email or snail-mail, track the order through production and payment cycles and print a delivery note when the order is complete.
o The “Dashboard” view shows management just exactly what’s going on in the business and will highlight potential problem areas in time for remedial action to be taken.
o A by-product of the order process is a profitability analysis which can give management a quick fix on how the business is performing.


o No hardware investment – SBS is available on a hosted server on the internet
o No IT staff required – we manage and administer the server and do nightly backups of your precious data.
o Available anywhere, any time – all you need is the client software installed on your PC(s) and access to the internet. We do the rest.
o Centralised information and only one source. If you have branches everyone accesses the same information. There is no need to synchronise data.
o No capital expenditure – SBS is available on a monthly rental basis.