ISOSCELESdocuments is an integrated management tool that delivers improved control over systems by managing documents, forms, procedures, incidents, schedules and risks. ISOSCELESdocuments was designed and developed by an ISO specialist and a Computer Consultant to enable you to maintain and manage all documents electronically with ease.

Features Include:

  • Developed with the internationally acclaimed IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise server as the base
  • Inspired by and derived from the ISO9001 quality management model, ISOSCELES documents is configurable to PIC GMP, ISO14000, ISO 13485 and ISO9001/TS 16949 as well documentation requirements for the OSH Act, CobiT, Sarbanes-Oxley and many other Regulatory Bodies' requirements
  • Web browsers may be used to view the documents
  • One repository for all documents and only one source for each document
  • Modularised so that you can choose what you want
    • Document Manager with template procedures based on ISO9001
    • Incident Manager using a configurable workflow engine
    • Schedule Manager to control those recurring events which often get overlooked or missed
    • Risk Manager to assess, manage and control risks
  • Full-text indexing for simple, complex and fuzzy searching
  • Hyper-linking to enable easy cross-referencing
  • Interaction with all popular Windows applications for user friendly maintenance and analytical exercises
  • Secure electronic signing and approval system
  • Configurable access and total security of all documents, procedures, forms, schedules and risk analyses

The modules:
  • The Document Manager is the core module and provides a mechanism to securely control the issuing, amending, approving and publishing of the company’s Procedures. Less critical documents like management reports, meeting minutes and periodic notices may be included in the Documents section to eliminate the need for dissemination of these documents either by means of hard copy or email. A Forms section allows for the storing of commonly used forms which are not electronically controlled by the Incident Manager Module.
  • Incident Manager - ISOSCELESdocuments has a unique workflow engine which enables the recording, routing and tracking of incidents. The routing is highly configurable allowing for the flexible selection of designated people within the routing and specification of the appropriate action which needs to be taken. Of course, the Incident Manager is mail-enabled, so that people who need to take action are notified when necessary. Optional escalation on overdue items is configurable by incident form.
  • Schedule Manager - this module enables the tracking and recording of recurring events such as audits, planned maintenance and recalibrations. The module allows for the creation of base events with flexible recurrence intervals and reminders so that you need never miss one of them again.
  • Risk Manager allows for the assessment of risks and enables appropriate action to be scheduled and taken.

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